Essential Oil Starter Guide 精油入門指南

以下是建議稀釋比例,用家參照以下之餘,亦需要按個人敏感程度及使用經驗作決定, 而稀釋的比例並不會影響使用效果,只會帶見效速度快慢之分,基本上可以於手心稀釋,切記不可以用膠製器皿稀釋,如皮膚較敏感的人士亦不應直接用手稀釋,請用玻璃容器做稀釋動作。

只供Oilysis團隊內部使用。這些信息是基於個人經驗。如你有疾病、敏感狀況,或者正使用處方藥物,請諮詢你的註冊醫生以獲得專業醫學意見。在此提供的資訊只作一般參考用途,該資訊不是亦不應被視作專業意見。任何內容均非為醫藥行銷目的而提供,亦不應被視為醫藥廣告。 Not for public use. Only for Oilysis team internal use. The information is based on personal experience. If you have a disease or medical condition, or if you are using a prescription medication, it is recommended that you consult with a health advisor whohas experiencewith EOs prior to using an EO. The information contained in this booklet is intended for general information purposes only and such information is not intended to be, or should it be, relied upon as constituting professional advice. No information in this booklet is provided for the purposes of medicine marketing nor shall information in this booklet be construed as constituting a medicine advertisement.